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Be aware when divorcing

There was a divorce client in her mid-30's who is a smart professional (RN). A couple of weeks ago she was contacted by a "Police Detective" and was told that she missed a court date for a non-existent traffic offense and there was now a warrant out for her arrest. To avoid jail she had to go to Walmart and put thousands of dollars on a prepaid debit card and mail it to the detective. She said he knew everything about her and warned her that getting arrested and going to jail would look bad for her custody case. Everything he knew is public record, but I'm sad to say that this otherwise smart lady fell for it and mailed the money and gave them her social security number, date of birth, and other personal information. She reached out and finally told her attorney what was going on when the "Police Detective" was now demanding that she send him naked pictures. The attorney explained that she had been scammed, and told her to report it to the police, put a hold on her credit with the 3 major credit reporting bureaus, notify her bank, credit card company, etc. The point is that this otherwise smart lady was manipulated and vulnerable because of the divorce. Please be mindful that when you are at your most vulnerable is when you can fall prey to a scam that you otherwise would not be a victim of. A phone call to an attorney could have prevented this trouble.


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