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Heirship, Probate, and Estate Litigation

If someone fails to plan for the inevitable and dies without a Will, the law (and not you, yourself) decides who gets your property.  Compared to probate of a Will, heirship and intestate administration are clumsy and expensive.  Still, if that is what you have to do, it is best to get it done.  


Probate should be a very simple process in Texas if the Will is properly drafted and executed, but sometimes people cannot accept the wishes of the deceased, and file a contest.  Whether your probate matter is the much more usual uncontested version, or a full-blown contest, we can represent you in Probate Court as we have so many others.  


For more information or to schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer serving individuals, families, and businesses throughout Tarrant and Denton County and the surrounding areas of Texas, please contact us.

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