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Why should I hire an attorney? 


An attorney, especially a board certified attorney is an attorney who is an expert in the field they practice in.  Just like a person wouldn't hire a dentist to work on their car, they shouldn't try to handle complicated legal issues themselves.  They also should, in the very least, consult an attorney to analyze their legal problem.  Sometimes, it is not necessary to hire an attorney and sometimes it is in the client's best interest to have an attorney advocating their position.  

Why should I hire this firm? 


Unlike larger firms where you can feel like you are not important, Mr. Beachley cares about helping his client's and making sure that they get the most out of his representation. 

What if I want to represent myself? 


The courts in Texas do allow parties to represent themselves pro se, but doing so can be risky.  Pro se parties do not know the rules of the court and missing one small date, notice to another party or procedure, can get the case dismissed from court, sometimes permanently.  

Should I use self prepared forms I can find on the internet?

Although the ability to self-help using the internet is great, places that allow you to self-prepare forms are risky.  There is no guarantee that those forms are up to date, legally binding or that you have made the correct selections when using them.  For documents you could pay a self-help site for, at this office, you can have an attorney draft those same documents which would be legally binding for approximately the same cost in most cases.  

Can I afford an attorney?

Attorney services are more affordable than you would think.  Attorney's bill their hourly rate and costs directly to the client and only charge for work completed.  There are even times an attorney will do the work on a flat fee basis.  There is also legal insurance that is available through certain employers that can help with attorney's fees.  This legal insurance can cover your legal expenses as a whole or greatly reduce them.  The only way to find out for sure if hiring an attorney would be right for you, would be to call and discuss your case with an attorney and find out if the benefit would out weigh the cost. 

What to expect from your attorney? 

Charles E. Beachley and his team have over twenty five years experience representing clients in all types of cases and clients in the Dallas - Fort Worth area with a proven track record of resolving legal mattes quickly and efficiently.  


When you choose Charles Beachley and his team, you can expect help with : 

  • divorce 

  • custody

  • debt collection defense

  • bankruptcy (chapter 7 & 13)

  • child support 

  • litigation cases 

  • real estate 

  • probate

  • wills & estate planning 

  • trusts 

  • modification of Texas orders 


Please contact us today for your legal needs.  


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