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Muniment of Title

An alternative to probate administration in Texas is probate of the Will only as muniment of title. It is the only option to probate a Will if four years or more have passed since date of death.  This mechanism provides for a streamlined probate process and does not involve the appointment of an administrator or executor.   


In a muniment of title case, Decedent’s Will is filed for probate, the Court recognizes the Will but does not appoint an executor or administrator to administer the Estate; rather, once the Court signs its Order establishing the Will as the Decedent’s true last Will, a certified copy of the Will and the Court’s Order can be used to transfer title in any property owned by the Decedent to those people listed in his Will.  


The muniment of title method is used most often when the estate consists solely of real estate or titled property.  The muniment of title can be less costly than the traditional methods of probate, but the savings is lost if you are required to reopen or convert it to another method of probate because of issues with a bank or financial institution or with another beneficiary.  


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