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IRS Scam! Beware

IRS Warns of Thieves Posing as IRS Agents (CBS News, January 19, 2016) IRS is again warning the public to ignore calls received by individuals claiming to be IRS agents. Over 366,000 taxpayers nationwide have reported receiving these types of calls with 3,000 individuals falling victim to these phone scams. This massive tax scam is responsible for over $26, 000,000.00 in thefts. These con artists sound convincing and usually alter the caller ID to give the perception of IRS calling. IRS will never~ Call taxpayers demanding immediate payment, Never require taxpayers to use a specific payment method such as a prepaid debit card, Ask for your credit or debit card number, Threaten to have law enforcement officers go to your house to arrest you if you do not pay, Notify the victim stating a refund is due and must first obtain your personal information. Never give into the fear that you owe the money. These are aggressive and sophisticated thieves. Hang up on these con artists.

Similar scams have been reported as thieves posing as DEA agents, award verification centers, debt collection agency and publisher's clearing house.

The best thing to do is independently verify the information they are attempting to call you about and do not give ANY information out over the phone.


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