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family law attorney, divorce attorney lewisville



Divorce/ Custody/ Support/ Enforcement / Modification​/ Contempt/ Paternity/ Termination of Parental Rights / Prenuptial and Separation Agreements/ Ad Litems/ CPS Cases/ Collaborative Law/ Annulments/  Name Changes/  ​​Child Care Law/ Guardianships/ Adoptions


Miscellaneous Law Practice Areas

Traffic Tickets/ Occupational Driver's License/ DWI/ DUI/ Juvenile Matters/ Personal injury 

Business Practice Areas 

Business Practice Areas

Sale or Purchase of a Business/ Formation of an LLC/ Partnership Formation/ Joint Ventures/ Formation of LLP's/ Demand Letters/ Deeds

Estate Planning Practice Areas 

Wills/ Trusts/ AB Trust/ Codicils/ Powers of Attorney/ Financial Power of Attorney/ Medical Power of Attorney/ Health Care Power of Attorney/ Living Will/ Tax and Asset Protection/ Probate/ Muniment of Title/ Independent Administration/ Dependent Administration

Litigation Practice Areas 

Debt Collection Defense/ Defense Against Creditor Claims/ Misc. Financial Problems/ Insurance Claim Coverage/ Evictions/ Eviction Defenses/ Real Estate/ Landlord Tenant Matters/ Contract Disputes/ Closing Representation/ Plaintiff Litigation/ Litigation Defense/ Consumer Matters

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