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        Our firm cares about your legal concerns and provides excellent customer service from the start to the completion of the legal process.  Client satisfaction is our primary goal.  We want to be your law firm, the one you come to with you legal issues and the law office you recommend to others.

        Most individuals seek legal advice during a critical period or crisis situation in their lives. We provide a wide range of legal services from simple wills to a complex divorce.   We understand that your family law legal needs do not end at divorce, which is why we are a full service family law firm and handle custody and child support establishment and modifications as well.      

       Whatever your legal needs, we will strive to meet them or to find someone else who can.



The courtroom is not the entirety of the law, and, even in the courtroom, the civil docket is not the only docket, nor the only one to be heard.  We can handle smaller criminal matters, transactional work, preventative consultation, organization of a business entity, and other areas.  Don't misunderstand; we don't pretend to do everything.  But, if we don't do the particular sort of law you need, we will make it our job to see if we can find someone who does.  Let's talk.

  The Texas Constitution requires the courts be open to all, and many Texans find themselves involved in litigation, either actual or potential.  From demand letters through suit, alternative dispute resolution or trial, our firm serves a broad spectrum of civil clients.  

       Every client is different and so are their needs.  What works for some does not work for others.  That is why we are a full service firm with multiple attorneys to fit your needs. 

      Our concern is to decrease client stress during a very difficult and emotional period and assist our clients in obtaining the best result.


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